For the animation, see The Girlfriend Fairy (animation).

The Girlfriend Fairy is a fictional character created and portrayed by Rebecca Parham, in which first appeared in the animation with the same name.



The Girlfriend Fairy is basically Rebecca herself but in a costume. She wears a silver crown with brown jewels, she has brown hair, has different looking eyes, wears a green costume/dress and has light green wings on her back, to make her look like a fairy.


The Girlfriend Fairy's behavior and personality is rather vindictive, only because of the fact that she spawned in girlfriends in anger with revenge.

Role in videos

The Girlfriend Fairy

She has given 5 males a girlfriend each.

The Girlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume

She has no roles, as she was only mentioned in the video. However, Rebecca did showcase a costume out of it.


Ironically, she doesn't have a dating relationship, as she humorously gives her ex-boyfriends a girlfriend.


  • "I'm... The Girlfriend Fairy! YAAAOOOOOHHHHH!!!"
  • "One for you, and one for you, and one for you. You get a girlfriend and you get a girlfriend!"


  • In The Girlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume, it was shown that The Girlfriend Fairy spawns in girlfriends but she ironically doesn't have any relationship advice. Even Rebecca was aware of that irony, as shown at the end of the video.
  • Rebecca bought clothes and costume parts to combine The Girlfriend Fairy costume.
  • It is possible that The Girlfriend Fairy's powers can work on straight women or gay men, who want a boyfriend.
  • The Girlfriend Fairy's creation was all because of J_BiggityBar, who said the following quote: "Sooo what ur saying is if I just continue keep saying nice things to do, I might find a GF :O", inspiring Rebecca to do The Girlfriend Fairy humorous statement.

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