For the animation, see The Girlfriend Fairy (animation).

The Girlfriend Fairy is a fictional character created and portrayed by Rebecca Parham.



The Girlfriend Fairy is basically Rebecca herself but in a costume. She wears a silver crown with brown jewels, she has brown hair, has different looking eyes, wears a green costume/dress and has light green wings on her back, to make her look like a fairy.


The Girlfriend Fairy's behavior and personality is rather vindictive, only because of the fact that she spawned in girlfriends in anger with revenge.


  • "I'm... The Girlfriend Fairy! YAAAOOOOOHHHHH!!!"
  • "One for you, and one for you, and one for you. You get a girlfriend and you get a girlfriend!"


  • It is ironic that The Girlfriend Fairy spawns in girlfriends when she doesn't have any relationship advice. Even Rebecca was aware of that irony.
  • Rebecca bought clothes and costume parts to combine The Girlfriend Fairy costume.
  • It is possible that The Girlfriend Fairy's powers can work on straight women or gay men, who want a boyfriend.
  • The Girlfriend Fairy's creation was all because of J_BiggityBar, who said the following quote: "Sooo what ur saying is if I just continue keep saying nice things to do, I might find a GF :O", inspiring Rebecca to do The Girlfriend Fairy humorous statement.