Stole Mom's Credit Card to Buy N64 is an animated story created by Rebecca Parham.


Rebecca Parham explains her story of the time when she stole her mom's credit card to buy the N64 along with a game called "Pokemon Snap", when she was a kid.


When she was a kid, she liked to play video games. She didn't grow up playing Mario, but she grew up playing Sonic and Sega games. Most of the other kids liked Mario, however. Rebecca and her elder sister, Rachel, played a Lion King game from Sega, which was too difficult for them to complete as kids. It was at adulthood, they completed that game.

It wasn't until Rebecca reached middle school, she started to play Nintendo games. When she reached 6th grade, she was really into Pokemon. For her 12th birthday, she got a Game Boy Color along with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Rebecca also remembered that she was so obsessed with the game that she would play it before going to bed. Then, after she falls asleep, she would dream of herself waking up, playing the game and getting more Pokemon. She usually wondered why she didn't progress in the game.

When a Nintendo employee announced a new Pokemon game called "Pokemon Snap", Rebecca asked her mom to order the game. She didn't have an N64, so her mom accepted to get what she wanted. However, there was a slight problem: dial-up internet. This meant that the internet was slow, websites would stop working, landline phones couldn't be used while someone was online and there were dial-up login errors often. So, in other words, Ann Parham went into the Toys'R'Us website on the family computer to buy the game. However, the internet wasn't too good back then, which is why the website would sometimes stop working. She put her credit card in the desk drawer and wanted to try again tomorrow.

About an hour later, when nobody was there, Rebecca used her mom's credit card, which was on the desk drawer, and shamelessly used it to order the game and the console overnight. She thought it wasn't stealing, but more like "problem solving", even though she hasn't given her permission to buy the console and the game.

The next morning, before school, Ann Parham wanted to order the game and the console, but Rebecca admitted that she ordered them overnight. After school, Ann Parham yelled at her for overnighting them, and Rebecca wasn't able to play the game until the next 2 weeks.



The reception for this video is fairly positive. Some people liked the beatbox of the Super Mario theme and others wanted a full version of it, a few others did find it cringeworthy.


In her VidCon Update and Snake video, Rebecca Parham announced that she is making an animated story, which was about 70%-80% complete before she went to the 9th annual of VidCon. She already released 2 frames from the video on her Twitter account, and a couple of frames can be seen in the VidCon Update and Snake video, except that they are pretty blurry.

These were the 2 teaser frames:


  • In the title, she put "SomethingElseYT" instead of "SomeThingElseYT".
  • At 0:56, Rebecca's purple shoe was missing.
  • At the outro, Adam said "Don't forget to like that smash button!" instead of "Don't forget to smash that like button!".


  • This is her first video featuring SomeThingElseYT with him recording his voice.
  • Mario and Sonic were comedically drawn in this video. It is also possible that Rebecca drew them like that to prevent the risk of copyright strikes.
  • This is the only video to have a small scene on the bottom left corner of the outro.
  • This video shares the same background with VidCon Update & Snake.
  • The demonetization icon is featured in the video for comedic purposes.
  • The color scheme of Rebecca's outfit in this video was inspired by her favorite Pokémon, Butterfree.[1]
  • At 4:42, she was eating a cereal called "Chunky Puffs", which is a reference to Ed, Edd and Eddy.
  • This video quickly became one of her most popular videos, and is already expected to become her second most popular video by November 2018.



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