Ruining Your Favorite YouTubers is an video created by Rebecca Parham.


Rebecca attempts to ruin YouTubers by drawing them of having hard moments.

YouTubers she ruined

YouTuber Image Description
This drawing is based off of PewDiePie's "Can you do this?" meme. Rebecca ruined him by making him sit back on his chair to the point where he accidentally falls down a bottomless pit.
Jaiden Animations
Ari is one of Jaiden's pets. It is a bird. Rebecca ruined her by oversizing Ari and making it grabbing Jaiden from its feet.
Jacksepticeye's logo is basically a green and blue eye. Rebecca ruined Jacksepticeye by making the eye his logo being his right eye. The eye is basically attempting to control Jack.


  • Rebecca Parham
  • PewDiePie (drawn and mentioned)
  • Jaiden Animations (drawn and mentioned)
  • Jacksepticeye (drawn and mentioned)


The reception for this video is somewhat positive. However, at first, Rebecca thought she was going to hate from her fans.


  • In the title, she put "JaidenAnimations" instead of "Jaiden Animations" and "Pewdiepie" instead of "PewDiePie".


  • Jaiden and Jacksepticeye have responded to Rebecca Parham and actually liked her art. The only person who didn't respond was PewDiePie.
  • It is the longest video in the entire franchise.

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