The photographer girl, who currently has an unstated name, is a reoccurring cameo character in Rebecca's animations and videos, the wife of David Parham, the sister-in-law of Rebecca Parham and Rachel Parham and the daughter-in-law of Ann Parham and Mike Parham.[1]



She appears to be a slightly short woman. She has dark brown hair and long eyelashes. She wears a purple shirt and blue jeans. She also takes her camera with her often to take pictures.


Her personality is currently not precise. However, what is known about her personality is that she is the type of person that likes taking pictures often.

Role in video

She doesn't usually have a role in the video, as she is usually a cameo in the videos that she appears in. What is known is that she likes taking pictures.


David Parham

Since David is her spouse, they are in a positive husband and wife relationship.

Other people in the Parham family

No relationship is confirmed, but it is very likely that she respects the rest of the family members.


  • She is the only person who is a spouse of the latest generation of the Parham family, as she is married with David Parham. Rebecca and Rachel are currently single. However, according to Rebecca's The Girlfriend Fairy animation, she had 5 boyfriends and they have all broken up with her. There is no information about Rachel going out on a date.
  • One of the people on Rebecca's Twitter named "_JustLeafy" asked who that was and Rebecca replied by confirming that it was her sister-in-law. Later then, she said that her brother and his wife gave her Japanese snacks. These clues prove that this person is David's wife, and possibly her relationship with David is the reason why David is sometimes absent on Rebecca's family photos with her sister and mother.



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