Official artwork.

Nacie is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's older animations.



She appears to have red hair with a ponytail, she has blue eyes with an unusual eye shape, she wears a purple shirt and blue jeans.


She isn't usually smiling. Despite her being friends with Rebecca, she treats her in a somewhat edgy mood, as that is her personality.

Role in videos

Her role is to be Rebecca's friend to talk with.


She has a love-hate relationship with Rebecca. Even though they are friends to each other, Nacie sometimes gets annoyed from Rebecca, even though Rebecca always likes her.



  • You always piss me off.
  • Nothing overlooked.
  • Yes a very suitable channel warming party. Now forgive me for asking a candid question but doesn't one usually invite their viewers to a channel warming party?


  • Nacie is a fictional character, because she was portrayed by Rebecca.
    • However, it is possible that she is based off of a random person.
  • Nacie was once the name of Rebecca's main Twitter account, until she changed it later to RebeccaParham when she uploaded YouTube Rewind, PAX South and more.