Official artwork.

Marilyn[1] is the protagonist of Bottled Opera and a minor character in Rebecca's animations and videos.



She appears to be a black lady with an average height. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears blue earrings, a necklace and a light blue dress.


Not much is known about her personality, but what is known is that she loves performing opera, and also likes putting up some makeup and cleansing herself before a play.

Role in video

Before the opera singer starts singing opera, she sprayed perfume into her mouth to amplify the quality of her singing. However, it didn't work out too well, so since she had multiple perfume bottles, she decided to mix them all, test out the mixed bottle and it worked successfully.

The opera started, and she found out the bottle was somehow possessed. The powder coming from the bottle made the opera singer sing different genres and styles of music.

When she became a rockstar, she sang loudly, then sang loudly at the bottle to destroy it. After the destruction of the bottle, the opera singer turned back to normal and sang opera. Once she finished singing opera, the audience did an applause and the opera singer felt satisfied about it.