Mabel is a reoccurring character, a basset hound dog and one of Rebecca's 4 dogs. She mainly made an appearance in Basset Hound Puppy Steals Shoe and made a possible appearance in VidCon Update & Snake.


She gives the appearance of a Bloodhound that has been squished towards the ground. She has short legs, long bodies and heavy bones. Bassets have large heads with round skulls and long, wide muzzles. Their ears are long and velvet to the touch, and when extended outward toward the face, should actually be long enough to touch beyond the dog's nose. Basset Hounds sport a long tail that should always be carried high. She has very large feet which almost appear disproportionate to the body, and their skin is loose and lays in folds around the head and face. Bassets are famous for their sad looking brown eyes and deliberate (but not clumsy) movement. [1]

Role in videos

Basset Hound Puppy Steals Shoe

She steals one of Rebecca's shoes.

VidCon Update & Snake

Mabel got scared from the snake.


Mabel has a good relationship with Rebecca Parham, since Mabel is one of her dogs.


  • Despite Mabel being a reoccurring character, she never appeared in one of Rebecca's animations. She only appear in her vlogs, so far.