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Rebecca Parham is a YouTuber who primarily uploads a wide variety of comedic animations and cartoons. She is also the founder of her company with the name being "Let Me Explain Studios", the same as her channel name. She sometimes sings covers and opera. This wiki is somewhat under development, and is currently at a slightly early stage. However, it is expanding and it will include as many articles about the animations, characters and more. Articles about the most popular animations and videos and some characters along with YouTubers exist, but more can/are going to be added.. You can help out by creating an account or signing in.

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Videos by Rebecca Parham consist of vlogs, music videos and animations. Vlogs are videos that represents herself talking or discussing about a topic. Her music videos, which has the lowest quantity in her channels, are videos that represent her singing or doing covers of other songs. Animations, which are the most common type of videos in both of her channels, are basically a large amount of frames and visual images that are represented as a cartoon. They usually take about a month or two to make for each animation.



Characters are the people who appear in this franchise. They consist of protagonists, antagonists, minor characters, re-occuring characters, Rebecca's relatives and even YouTubers.



Transcripts are basically what has been said in a video. Behind the scenes, they usually could be scripts consisting of lines used for the purpose of speaking in a video, in a prepared manner and to facilitate what people are understanding from the audio of these videos. Usually, Rebecca's videos are scripted to organize her say.



Galleries are basically groups of frames and images (taken as screenshots), then they are put in an organized gallery for exhibition purposes. Screenshots from the galleries are taken from Rebecca's videos.

Watch the latest video

Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall
Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall (+Ghost Story!)

Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall (+Ghost Story!)

  • Video type: Drawing video/Story
  • Channel: Let Me Explain Studios
  • Upload date: October 14 2018
  • Length: 12:31



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