Harry Heartbreaker is a minor character and one of Rebecca Parham's ex-boyfriends, who was featured in The Girlfriend Fairy animation.



He is a tall and thin looking person who is bald, wearing a light yellow shirt and blue jeans.


He is a guy who likes going out on a date with multiple people, one by one. He went out with Rebecca once, then one day, he suddenly stop responding to her, then about 3 weeks later, he found a new girlfriend and loves her.


Rebecca Parham

He was at first on a dating relationship with Rebecca Parham. However, for some reason, they have broken up and he has went on a relationship with another girl.

New girl

He currently is on a stable relationship with her.


  • Harry Heartbreaker is obviously not his real name. Rebecca purposely put his last name as "Heartbreaker" to give a simple and tiny description of him.
  • He looks somewhat similar to Rebecca's Choir Director, except with different clothes.