Broomstache Man is a minor character and the antagonist of the animation "Almost Run Over by a Car".



He is a tall, old and round person. He has gray hair, wears rectangular glasses and has a gray mustache. He wears blue jeans and a cyan shirt.


He is a guy who seems to be somewhat aggressive. He never looked happy, or at least wasn't happy when he was featured in the animation. He seems to be the type of person who bypasses the permitted speed limit, which is why he got ran over by the police on the side of the road.

Role in video

He is the person who has almost run over Rebecca with his mustang.


Rebecca Parham

He had a bad relationship, although he claimed that he didn't really intend to do so. The reason why is that is because he unintentionally almost run over her by a car. However, Rebecca hated him and called him a jerk for doing so.

Police officer

There was no true relationship, but he hated getting run over by the police and receiving a ticket.


  • "Hey. I didn't mean to scare you, I just didn't see you."
  • "Alright, bye."


  • Broomstache man is obviously not his real name. Rebecca purposely called him "Broomstache man" due to the fact that his mustache looks very identical to a broomstick.
  • Eric Goldberg, a Disney animator, is shorter and a more friendly person than Broomstache Man.
  • Once he got caught by the police on the side of the road, Rebecca laughed at him.
  • The reason why he got pulled is because he either was speeding, had a tinted windshield along with tinted windows, maybe parked in a handicapped space and he is not handicapped or almost killed Rebecca.