Animated Outtakes (Dumb Things I Do) is an animated blooper created by Rebecca Parham.


Rebecca Parham sings several songs for a short period of time, as a mini-video for her channel.

List of songs

Rebecca has sung 15 songs, and each song lasted between 3 and 12 seconds.

  • Ain't We Got Fun
  • You Oughta Be in Pictures
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Voi Che Sapete
  • I'm the Bad Guy
  • Becoming Popular
  • Apples to the Core
  • Defying Gravity
  • Animaniacs Theme Song
  • Pinky & the Brain Theme Song
  • Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song
  • Habanera
  • Mr. King Dice Theme
  • Eye to Eye (in the outro)


The reception in general is very positive. A lot of people in the comments section admired her singing and opera. Some people liked the fact that she has sung very popular songs such as the Mr. King Dice Theme from Cuphead and Becoming Popular and Apples to the Core from My Little Pony.


  • Rebecca Parham herself
  • Nurse (Nathan from Drawfee)
  • TheGingerPale (cameo)
  • Male viewer (cameo)


  • Nathan wasn't drawing her blood while she was singing. It is possible that he wants to her Rebecca sing and enjoy it, rather than drawing her blood.
  • It is not completely a blooper video, but rather an additional scene in her previous animation.
  • From the video, it can be told that Rebecca is a pegasister. A pegasister is a female fan of the My Little Pony franchise.
  • The nurse has never drawn Rebecca's blood in the video. A common answer to this joke is that he wanted to hear her singing.

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