Alice is a reoccurring character in Rebecca's videos and animations and a participant/actress in the theater club.



Her appearance is very similar to Alice from the Alice in Wonderland franchise, except that the character is more stylized into Rebecca's current animation style. She appears to be a young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair. She usually wears a childish blue Victorian dress. She is shown as ghostly pale like many other English people. Her hair which is as yellow blonde as corn is usually down- showing her curls.[1]


She seems to be the type of person who likes to act in the theater club and taking part of the play. She also seems to be helpful, sometimes, due to the fact that in Lost My Pants in Wonderland, she once attempted to repair Rebecca's pants. However, these pants were beyond repair so she couldn't repair them. However, this shows that she attempted to be helpful to other people.

Role in videos

Lost My Pants in Wonderland

Her role was being part of a play that Medusa made with the cast being her, Tweedledee and Rebecca Parham.

My Crazy Theater Teacher

Even though she made an appearance in My Crazy Theater Teacher, she made a 1 second cameo appearance, thus she had no role in the video other than appearing in the play.




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