Agetha[1], also as known as the storage lady, is a minor character in Rebecca's animations and videos, the owner of Fifi and the antagonist of Crotchety Storage Lady.



She appears to be a horizontally challenged woman. She has brown hair, wears a light pink robe and smokes a cigarette, hanging in her mouth (despite the exclusion of mouths for humans).


Her personality is actually unpleasant when it comes to managing self storage. In fact, she was very strict in self storage. Ann Parham's payment was due on the 12th, and if she didn't pay, the manager would sell her stuff, which is a very cheap way for self storage.

Role in video

She was the antagonist of Crotchety Storage Lady because she was very strict in self storage. Ann Parham's payment was due on the 12th, and if she didn't pay, the manager would sell her stuff.


Ann Parham

She has a bad relationship with Ann Parham.


She also has a bad relationship with Fifi, despite her being Fifi's owner. This is because she often told Fifi to shut up.


  • "Yeah, what do you need?"
  • "Whatcha got out there?"
  • "You're gonna need a 12-by-28. Here."
  • "Fill that out right there."
  • "Fifi, shut up."
  • "What, you need a pen?"
  • "It's $41.50 a month. You need a lock?"
  • "$5.00. Units the last building on the right."
  • "It's behind that gate over there but I lock it at exactly 6:00, so you better not be behind it, cuz you ain't getting out 'til morning."
  • "Yeah, you maybe got half a hour."
  • "You'll need to hurry up. Oh, and your payment's due on the 12th."
  • "Because I said so!"
  • "So if you don't pay, we sell ya stuff. Got it?"
  • "Now sign here!"


  • In the video, she told Fifi to shut up 3 times, even though it said riff 20 times.
  • She is the only character who was shown smoking a cigarette.



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